Vacation is over!

So, its 2010 and Christmas vacation is over until next year. Sad story.

Who's ready for summer??? I AM! Its 25 degrees and colder than a witches tit! ( I cant take credit for that phrase... that one is from my mom)

This year my blog may change just a bit. I will be having obvious changes such as having a baby... I know for some reason, people dont like reading my baby posts. Well tough cookies! You have been forewarned. =) I am sorry if you dont like them.

You will also probably see a lot of posts on renovating and redecorating our house. I have spent hours upon hours the past two weeks caulking, sanding, priming and painting our board and batten trim. Cleaning out closets, organizing craft stuff, picking out paint colors etc. etc. etc. We are also now considering a laundry room renovation. Our goal is to use up the wasted space in our tiny little cracker jack box and make it more functional.
Since there is soon to be 3 people in here, we need all the space we can get!

I just know that as soon as we get the house exactly how we like it, it will sell. Which I'm fine with, thats just always the way that it goes! I think all of the improvements and changes we are making definitely make it more unique and functional.

I have finished painting Keating's room, now comes the fun part of decorating!
Here is a sneak peak with it primed. Excuse the junk, that is all cleaned out now!
My cleaned out closet/ future sewing/ craft area. I cant wait to get this finished!

Thats all for now! Lola and I are tuckered out! Stay tuned for progress!


  1. I have some major cleaning to do in my apartment! I love the crafting area you are working on. I have this tiny room that I call "the nook" that isn't big enough for much of anything, but I think I can fit my sewing table in there...I am hoping anyway!

  2. Wow- you've been busy girl !

    I enjoy your preggy posts!
    Keep'em coming..I can't wait for baby pics :)

  3. I'm ready for summer, too!!!

    Wishing you a wonderful 2010 full of baby posts, decoration and rennovation posts, and all sorts of other fab Southern Belle goodness!!!

  4. Looks great!
    Hey I know this is random.. lol but what kinda sewing machine do you have? :)

  5. You need to get the saying right! It is "colder than a witches tit in a brass bra!" HA HA


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