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I know it is pretty hard to believe but this is my 2nd blog post this week! I am really trying to get back into the routine of blogging. Over the past few weeks I have needed to find photos or recipes from the past and the old blog never fails to keep track of our lives. It is also really nice to be able to look back and read the stories and see the account of our lives for the past 6 years. So, the blog is back in action!

I wanted to share the ideas I have had jumbled in my head for our daughter's (I still can't get over saying that!) nursery so I created a mood board. When I was 3 and first moved with my family to Georgia, my aunt came to visit and decorate my room. She told me that I could pick any colors that I wanted and though that seemed like an endless possibility to a 3 year old, I immediately knew what I wanted. I vividly remember looking in my Crayola box at color choices. I suppose that yellow box stood in place of my paint deck back in the day. I pulled out 2 crayons that were missing the points because they were used so often, pink and mint green. I made my request to my aunt, who was probably thrilled since I didn't pick anything too difficult to work with, and she immediately went to work. 

She filled the room with vintage pieces she found at antique stores. An old rusty iron bed that she painted light pink, a milk glass lamp, pink and green chenille linens, and my nannie (grandmother) crocheted the most beautiful pink and mint coverlet. It was the most beautiful room I had ever seen and I am pretty sure also influenced my love of antiques and re-purposing items. So why am I sharing this story? I always said that if I ever had a daughter,  her room would also be pink and mint, so without further adieu.  


I will be trying to work with a few items we already have and painting/ re-purposing some others. The biggest challenge with the room is that the walls are already painted Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray. It is a nice color, but not the most feminine of colors...So hopefully I can work with the dark color and balance it out with the lighter and brighter colors and prints. If not, the walls may get a new coat of paint, just don't tell my husband. That will be a little surprise. ;) 

I feel like now that I have a visual I can get started on the whole process, so stay tuned for future updates!  

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  1. woot woot! Yay! Glad you are posting again....Im in the same boat to on my blog! Im suprised I still have lots of followers after being gone so long


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