Thank you Target!

For stating the obvious...
1. I am too pregnant to wear the current cute clothes you have so eagerly put on the racks.
2. That it is freaking 20 degrees and much too cold to wear them anyways!!!

I have a thing for yellow and black, so when I saw these things on the rack... my heart skipped a little beat.

Definitely wont be fitting anytime soon!
I can probably still swing this. In the store, it has a great tweed texture.

I looked like a giant polka dotted blimp in this... seriously!

Love the frilly neckline

So perfect for spring! Now if it would only warm up about 50 degrees!


  1. what fun stuff! i love black and yellow too

  2. omg, i saw all the yellow and black yesterday and swooned. SO. cute.

  3. I love black and yellow, and it helps that it's my school colors! I got that yellow skirt in the black with white polka dots and i got the yellow top. Target has some great stuff!

  4. I Love target!!! They have the cutest clothes during spring!

  5. Oh man do I feel your pain!! I am SO over maternity clothes at this point and all the spring clothes are calling my name! Going to scour your blog now for nursery pics ;)

  6. Love the black and yellow almost as much as I love gray and yellow. Wish I could rock it... I look so washed out in yellow :)

  7. I am going to target.com right now!!

  8. I saw this stuff there today! They were out of my size. It looked cute and very well made! Hoping to Target again when I head back to Dallas.


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