32/33 weeks

*This is the only pic I have from 32 weeks. Me in the middle with my sexy friends! *

*How far along?: 32 weeks! I get progressively more nervous every day! AHH

*Total weight gain?: 15lbs

*How big is baby?: 4.5 pounds! The DR said he will be a 7 or 8 pound baby... Im hoping for 7!

*Sex: Still a boy!

*Maternity clothes: Yes, and leggings lots of leggings. God Bless my husband who has been so gracious to not tease me about the current state of my wardrobe.

*Stretch marks: Nope, staying lubed up with lotion and oil!

*Sleep: Lately, not so great. My mind moves 100 miles a minute on things that I need to get done.

*Best moment this week: Spending time with my oldest friends in the above picture.

*Movement: All the time. He has started stretching out and he is going to have VERY LONG LEGS!

*Food cravings: Still sweet stuff. I had to throw out all of the Christmas goodies to ease the temptation.

*Labor signs: just braxton hicks contractions. Stay put in there, Im not ready yet!

*Belly button in or out: Depends on the day and how he's laying around in there.

*What I miss: people not wanting to rub my belly, sleeping on my stomach, sleeping through the night

*What I'm looking forward to: To finish painting his room. Should be done in the next few days!

33 weeks! 7 to go!
I'm thinking that I'm starting to look pregnant!

*How far along?: 33 weeks!

*Total weight gain?: Ill say 16lbs if I'm gaining the recommended pound per week. Although, I own no scale and I havent been to the gym in weeks, so this is a guesstimate.

*How big is baby?: 4.5-5lbs

*Sex: All boy

*Maternity clothes: yes and sporting the bella band when I can.

*Stretch marks: lets hope not, so far so good

*Sleep: Well, when I get out of bed, I have to roll to the edge, then hoist myself out... kind of like a beached whale. (Thank you Kristi for the analogy!) Really attractive!

*Best moment this week: Finished painting the nursery!

*Movement: Yep!

*Food cravings: everything... Im thinking the whole hungry pregnant woman thing is starting to catch on.

*Labor signs: nope, which is good!

*Belly button in or out: Still depends on the day

*What I miss: how about what I wish. I wish that people would stop forming opinions about the health of my child based on my weight gain. I promise he is measuring beautifully and ahead of schedule. My Dr says Im right on track as well. K thanks.

*What I'm looking forward to: Revealing my nursery to all of you!!!


  1. Amen to the last statement! You look fabulous, and I didnt gain much with you girls when I had ya'll. It must run in the family, just tell them that next time! He will be here before you know it, and I cant wait!

  2. You look gorgeous in the pic w/ all your friends! Very glowing and radiant. I know you must be so happy you have no stretch marks thus far. I have a few, I've never had kids, mine are from yo-yo dieting and gaining and losing weight. I hate, I mean hate, them!

  3. you look soo cute. i hope that i look as good as you when i'm preggers.

  4. You are the teeniest little pregnant woman, ever! So cute!

  5. We are looking forward to the reveal also!!!!

  6. You are so tenny! And so cute! So excited for you.

  7. You look so adorable. I know I say that all the time-
    but you are!

    I love the fact your journaling all this.
    Your baby boy will love this :)

  8. You're adorable! :-) Love the bump! And I cant wait to see the nursery!

  9. I don't know what it is about a pregnant woman and people thinking they have the right to talk to you about the health of the baby based on how you look, how you should birth the baby, how you should raise him/her, breastfeeding, etc. I realize most of it is well-meaning, but still. And, I've never even been pregnant... this is just from seeing others! :) You look fantastic and are honestly one of the cutest and most beautiful pregnant women I have ever seen. I think they're all just jealous that you haven't gained 40 lbs! ;)

  10. You are definitely looking pregnant, and you look so great! It won't be too much longer! :)

  11. you look great! i had the same problem with both of my pregnancies with people talking about the health of the boys based on my weight gain! some people just don't put on that much weight when they are preggers! I barely put on 15 with Evan, I don't know why, I just didn't. Won't be long now!! VERY EXCITING!!

  12. You are doing awesome with your weight gain! Dang... I think I gained 16 lbs by 27 weeks haha


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