Catching up

I have been MIA for way too long. Here is a bit of what has been going on. 

1. We went to the Garth concert and got moved up to 2nd row. Coolest experience ever!
 2. Garth even photo bombed Brad when I took his picture!
 3. The whole yard has been landscaped. We planted camelia hedges, boxwood hedges, maple trees, crepe myrtle trees, cedar trees, and a few more hydrangeas. I can't wait until they all start to fill in!
 4. I now get to bring the boys to school since my new job starts later. We are all loving spending more time together. This job was such a blessing!
 5. The North Georgia State Fair came in September and we managed to go twice this year. 
Keating was finally big enough to ride some of the fun rides although the lack of restraint on those swings had me nearly having a heart attack while we were riding! I was paranoid he was just going to slip right out. 

 6. Fall is my very favorite time of year. Everything is so beautiful, even the weeds in the pasture next to our house. Last week I went foraging for flowers and didn't realize until they were in my house that I had a vase full of ragweed. Thankfully no one in our house has ragweed allergies! 


  1. Hi there! Random question- did y'all build the built-ins in your living room yourself, or did your builder do that? We're in the middle of building a house and our plan has built-ins; however, our builder is way too expensive on those. Just trying to search for a more cost efficient way to get them! Thanks! :)

    1. We had them added after our house fire by a cabinet maker. Hope that helps!


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