Master Bedroom Decorating Plan

Now that a lot of the house has been somewhat decorated (even though I have yet to share photos) I wanted to post about the master bedroom. I feel like this is an area that is ofter skimped on in my house because I am too busy decorating the spaces that everyone sees. You can just close the door and hide the master bedroom! Well not any more!

I was talking with my friend Ashley the other day about how I wanted to get started decorating, but that I am horrible at picking out coordinating bedding. She helped me come up with the mood board below after I gave her a few of the items I am currently working with. Unfortunately I wont be able to get the gorgeous chandelier since Brad insists on a fan but I am thinking this would be gorgeous over my claw foot tub! 


Now I LOVE how this looks and I want to get started on finishing this room ASAP! What do you think? 


  1. I have been following your blog ever since you toured the southern living house around the same time as I did....I love your blog!! Can't wait to see decorated pictures of your house. I love what you have in mind for the Master, it will be beautiful! Kristin

    1. That house was beautiful right?? Thanks for following along Kristin!

  2. I love it! Why is it that we leave our bedrooms for last? We did that too. Ours still needs some serious attention.


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