4 On Friday

This week has been a whirlwind. I started my new job on Monday and I LOVE IT! There is so much to learn, but so far everything has been amazing!

1. With my new big girl job, I needed a new big girl agenda/ calendar. I am usually a cheap calendar girl, but when I saw this one from Kate Spade, I had to have it. I hope that I like it!
2. Fall is coming and I have been loving the cooler temperatures! I had been browsing coats over the past few weeks because it has been a few years since I purchased a new one. I thought I might go the Olivia Pope route and get something classic and neutral, but then I saw this coat in my inbox this morning from ASOS. I have been looking for the perfect animal print coat for years. I became a huge fan after I saw an old photo of my Great Grandmother in one from the 50's/ 60's. I think an animal print coat is so classic and fun.
3. Until recently, I had never worn Almay makeup. I came across this color combo below and gave it a try. I am now a huge fan! These shadows don't crease and the colors blend so well. I will be buying more!

4. Tonight we are heading to the Garth Brooks concert. I can't tell you how excited I am about this! Garth Brooks was the first concert I ever went to in the 1st grade and that is the last time that he came to Atlanta. I have been hearing great reviews and hope he plays a lot of his old songs! You also can't go wrong with Trisha Yearwood!

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  1. I look at that Kate Spade calendar every day... afraid to get it. You'll have to say how you like it.


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