My Favorite Drugstore Makeup

I have a confession... I like cheap makeup. I have worn my share of the name brand expensive stuff, but I always come back to my favorite drugstore options. Here are a few.
Maybelline full and soft mascara. I have worn this since high school and it has never disappointed me. After trying many of the high end brands, it is still my favorite and at $6 you cant go wrong! I wear very black.
Revlon Lip Butter. This is one of my new favorites and I have probably been through 10 tubes in the last 6 months. The colors are great and it isn't sticky... the texture is similar to chapstick. The only downside is that the tubes don't last very long if you have the obsession of reapplying a lip product constantly like I do. Thankfully it is quite cheap!

Revlon Colorstay Liquid eyeliner in Copper. This is harder to find, and is always sold out when I am looking for more... but it is a great alternative to brown or black. It has just enough sparkle without being flashy.
Suave Dry Shampoo isnt exactly makeup, but it has been such a time saver for me. This dry shampoo keeps me from having to wash my hair every day, it also gives great volume. Since I started using it, and washing less, my hair has been less dry. It grosses Brad out that I don't wash my hair as often, but he is a guy and just doesn't understand. =)
I was an avid Bare Minerals wearer until I heard on Dr. Oz that powdered mineral make up was bad to be breathing into your lungs. I went on a long search for the perfect foundation and this has been one that I have begun to compare all others against. It goes on very easily, not streaky and it has the same look as mineral makeup. I wear shade 420 and it is a perfect match. 

This is another favorite eyeliner. Sometimes at Target you can find them in a double pack for the same price as one. It goes on smoothly, doesn't dry out, and lasts a long time on your eyes and in the tube. 


  1. revlon lip butters are my FAVE!! if you want a little more lasting color, try the kissable balm stains with lip butter over them =)

  2. I like Revlon lip butters too! Pretty much the only lipstick I wear.

  3. I love drugstore make up! My current obsession is L'Oreal BB Cream... best stuff ever!


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