Master Bedroom

After our home renovation, I have shared pretty much every room worth seeing, but I have never posted photos of our master bedroom. Reason being, it has never been completed. The master bedroom sadly took a backseat to planning out the boys' bedrooms because I have much more fun designing kids stuff. If we end up staying in our house, it will be the next item on my list. Since I had to take a few photos for our real estate listing, I thought I would share them here as well.
My favorite part of the room is our custom barn doors. They are painted the same Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams that we used on all of our interior doors.The color on the walls is Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray.
After taking these photos I realized how black and white this room is. I think neutral is definitely the way to go right now while it is on the market, but for our next house (if there is one), it definitely needs more color and more personalization. On the wall to the left in the photo below I have always wanted to add large photos of the boys. We also wanted to add a bench of some sort at the foot of the bed. 

As of last night the house is posted, and we have our first showing today. Lord help us. Anyone have any pointers on doing showings with 2 small kids? We are trying to keep the toys and clutter under control... but as many of you know, that's IMPOSSIBLE!


  1. I adore the barn doors!!!!! Wow, it just makes the room. Such a cute idea

  2. I've always loved your style... I love the neutrals in this room and I'm dying over the barn doors!

  3. LOVE the barn doors! I hated showing our house so much that we pulled it off the market. haha. It is the WORST!

  4. Hey girl--we had our house on the market with a 2 yr old, 5 yr old and another on the way. I tried to just make sure dishes were in dishwasher, toys in baskets, and beds were made every day. If I had a good heads up every surface was wiped down and everything was vacuumed. . .needless to say I was generally just exhausted!! Most people understand that you live there, just make sure it's CLEAN and the "picked up" takes care of itself. I would much rather see a ruffled bed, or toys on the floor than dirty dishes in the sink or a yucky toilet. I have no doubt your house is probably always ready to show!! :) Good luck!

  5. and it goes without saying--the Master bedroom looks great! :)

  6. Have an emergency laundry basket always empty so if you have a showing to get ready for in a hurry you can throw toys that are lying around in it and just throw it in the car with you.


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