Around the house

Our house is moving quickly, yet slow all at the same time. We are currently 13 weeks in and I am so ready to have a house again! Here is where we were as of yesterday afternoon. The siding is complete and we are beginning to start interior work such as electrical and hvac. 
That is Brad spreading grass and hay in the yard. Hopefully it doesn't take long to grow, because that place is a muddy mess. It is a haven for toddlers that are obsessed with mud, sand and anything else dirty! (excuse the awkward cheese face, why do kids do that?)

All of our wood doors finally came in and look great! I am so happy that we decided to go with double front and back doors. From the inside, they are directly mirror one another. They are going to be stained a dark brown. 
 Back porch doors
 Side door - This is everyone's favorite door, and I'm sure the one that will get the most use. 
A side view of the house before the siding was finished. You can see in the middle of the house and garage a random roof line... that is the boys playroom that we added over the living room. I explained it before in this post.
We had a few loads of dirt brought in to smooth out the front yard as it was a little steep after digging out the basement. It looks much better now! If we still live here when the boys are teenagers, I am sure they will loathe us for having to cut all this grass!

 A view of the back porch and the garage. The windows on the top left are the room above the garage. The head room was a bit short in there, so we decided to add a shed roof for some height. I wish we had gone with bigger windows, but its too late now! These windows match the other shed roof (the boys play room) that is over the back porch. For that one, we had to have this size window due to the porch roof sitting right below it. When I ordered the windows, I ordered x2 even though these could have been bigger. Oops. Live and learn.

I have no idea what to do with the awkward space between the garage and porch. We couldn't connect them due to the roof lines. I'm thinking an herb garden maybe?

Well that is it for now! Hopefully the interior work goes super fast!!! 


  1. That little nook would be absolutely perfect for a herb garden -- I love that idea!

  2. That little nook would be absolutely perfect for a herb garden -- I love that idea!

  3. It's really coming along great! Congrats! xo

  4. It looks fantastic, I can't wait to see more!

  5. So pretty! Love your big porch and all the mature tress around the house!

  6. It is so beautiful!!! Totally jealous!

  7. It's beautiful already! Love following your progress!

  8. That's really nice before reconstruction, Please share pics after construction, Good luck!!!


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