Five on Friday - TV Edition!

So I am a little late to watch the Pretty Little Liars finale, but MAN, WHAT A SHOCKER! Anyone else super surprised????
This five on Friday, I decided to point out the shows this fall that I am excited about!

1-  Revenge - Also known as my Sunday night highlight. The beginning of season two got a bit off track, but it ended in true Revenge fashion and surprised me. Emily Thorne is such a great character. This Sunday at 10 pm, you know where to find me!

2- Nashville - The story line is Days of Our lives crazy, but it is redeemed by awesome music. The previews make it look like Rayna could die in ICU, but that will never happen. Can't wait to watch next Wednesday!

3 - Parenthood - I love the dynamic of the Braverman family. They are all loud and opinionated and remind me a bit of my family. This is kind of a feel good show for me. It doesn't leave me feeling stressed out. 

4 - Grey's Anatomy - This show has had its ups and downs, but last season got me hooked again... even though they killed off poor McSteamy. I am a bit interested to see where this show goes, and if "Peyton Sawyer" makes a return this season.

5 - Vampire Diaries - They almost lost me last season and I kept saying I wouldn't watch anymore, but the season finale was its saving grace for me. Hopefully this season stays on track now that the original vampires are out of the picture with their own spinoff!
I admit, I may have a bit of a tv addiction. What are you looking forward to in the fall lineup?


  1. I thought the same thing with Vampire Diaires... I'm interested to see how it will be without Klaus. Will miss his soft side with Caroline :(

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO... I'm just on season 3 of PLL... don't tell me its Ezra... NOOO!!!!!!

  2. I felt the same with Vampire Diaries. I don't even think I made it to the season finale! I'll have to go get caught back up. Pretty Little Liars for sure and New Girl! Love that show. The first episode was a little lackluster but their past two seasons have been genius.

  3. I so need to get into Nashville! I am a big fan of Connie Britton :)

  4. I love Nashville!! I actually haver watched it in awhile though, I need to catch up!


  5. I was a little shocked on Pretty Little Liars...BUT...I don't trust anyone on the show...so there's that. Ha. I loved Revenge season 1...but got bored (confused?) season 2. Going to try season 3...and of course I completely agree with you on TVD also.


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