Not counting my chickens before they hatch


I have been nervous and anxious and bursting at the seams to share this piece of news over the past two weeks! On January 14th our house went on the market, on January 15th we had our first showing, and on January 16th we had an offer in our hands. It is INCREDIBLE and overwhelming how fast all of this has happened. 

If there was ever a situation that God had a hand in... well this would be it! We were a little unsure about putting our home on the market; we had just entirely renovated it and we love our house dearly. On a whim, we thought it would be a good time to "see what happens" but expected to have it on the market for months with little to no selling success. Well we were very wrong about that! 

It became very apparent to us that God wants us somewhere else... Now where that somewhere else is, we still have no idea. The housing market in our area is currently not looking so great, probably a huge reason that our house went so fast! We are looking into options of building a home, but keeping our eye on the new listings in case something comes up that peaks our interest. If you follow me on pinterest then I am sure you have seen all my crazy pinning of house plans and anything house related. (sorry for cluttering your feed!)

Of course, this is if all goes as planned and we actually close on our house. My fingers are still crossed and I wont be able to celebrate until those papers are signed. Yesterday we had a 3 hour buyer inspection on our house. The inspector was meticulous and checked every switch, outlet, crack and crevice. There is no telling what is going to come back on his list of a 50 year old home. Many prayers have been said, and hopefully we have minimal repairs to make.

(No our house is not still decorated for Christmas, this is the only one on my computer)


  1. Congrats! Fingers crossed for you guys!

    We are shopping around ATL for our first house and it seems like everyone we like goes under contract right away!

  2. Wow - that was quick! Congratulations, obviously a testament to the beautiful job you did renovating.

  3. So weird that you posted this today as we just put in an offer on a house this afternoon! It just came on the market yesterday and already had multiple offers by the time we got to see it today. It's crazy out there! Praying that this is our house and our offer will be accepted!

  4. Congratulations!!! Hope you find exactly what you're looking for in ATL. It does seem to be a very competitive housing market but I'm sure you'll find something great.

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