My Wedding 3 Years Ago Today

I really can't believe that Brad and I have been married 3 years! It seems like it was just yesterday and also a lifetime ago. It is funny how much things change in that amount of time. What hasn't changed is how I still feel about the day. Looking through these photos have really brought back great memories. Our wedding was everything I dreamed it would be and I wouldn't change a thing about it. Our parent's and grandparent's wedding photos
handmade branches that I acquired countless hotglue burns from creating

Love my red shoes, but they were super uncomfortable and sinking into the grass. I changed to my cowboy boots right after the ceremony.
I do!
Everything was very autumnal without being fall festival hokey.

My sweet niece, she loved my veil

He had to put his hat on right after the ceremony... he feels naked without it. Good thing I am an easy going wife!
First dance

Daddy daughter dance. We danced to Stevie Wonder "You are the sunshine of my life"
The interior of the tent at night... did I mention that we built this wedding from the ground up?? It was a LOT of work but SO worth the outcome.
My old high school friends. Somehow we started the tradition of putting the bride in an old school cheerleading thigh stand. It was obviously my turn! haha!
Cutting the cake

Our getaway.
I hope you enjoyed my little anniversary recap!


  1. Bautiful pictures! I love the one where your friends have you in that cheerleading stand haha!!
    Beautiful dress too!
    Enjoy dreaming about your day :)

  2. Happy anniversary! I love how Brad is always wearing a hat LOL

  3. Everything was beautiful! I loved how you kept it all autumn, so perfect. Happy Anniversary!

  4. So pretty!! I love your dress!!

  5. Love your pictures!!! Beautiful wedding girl!

  6. Your dress is beautiful! I love it!

  7. Happy Anniversary! Your wedding was beautiful, and so were you!

  8. Happy anniversary, your wedding was beautiful! I love the tent, it looks great. And your dress is absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! and I LOVE the getaway ;)




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