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I found out about the New York Public Library site a while back from The Little Green Notebook. If you haven't checked out her blog, then you must! She has fabulous style! and if you haven't ever perused the New York Public Library then you should do that as well. It is a bank of images from anything like an old antique poster, to botanical prints from books. Best part is, you can print them free of charge!

I have been looking for a few to add to Keating's new room. His room is going to have more wall space than his old room so I will need more art work. I also want to drift a little more away from the cowboy feel and do something with more colors. Here are a few fun options I found for his room, as well as other spots.

This one is by far my favorite, it definitely has a future on our wall somewhere!

I love the look of old nursery rhyme books. I think a collection of these in a nursery could be really cute!
Speaking of babies, its a good thing that companies have gotten a little better with baby advertisements... is this not creepy or what!? 1/3 old man, 1/3 monkey, 1/3 little girls in dresses.
So. Wrong.

A nice vintage map would go nice just about anywhere.

I really like this one. It says Wild West, but it is more English riding and hounds, versus cowboys and indians.

I know there are a lot of bird and egg type prints in home stores for lots of moolah, this one is free though!

This is also a favorite of mine. I have had a thing for old circuses since reading Water for Elephants. {If you haven't read it, then what are you waiting for!?} The circus is always fun, and I love all of the red in it.

and if I wanted to carry on the cowboy vibe, then this has a nice worn feel.

I am wanting to print a few of these larger scale and I am wondering if a photo lab would object to using them? I may give it a try and report back!


  1. Love the Boston Terrier one too. Will definitely have to print it off. Thanks so much for the heads up!

  2. I just saved the Barnum and Bailey poster... I know what room that will be going in!!!! I MUST go to this website and find more images! This is absolutely perfect!
    Thank you SO much for sharing!

  3. Definitely let us know how it goes at the photo lab. I got on the website and found a few I would like to use, but would want them professionally printed. Have you tried it on a site like Snapfish or Shutterfly? Just curious if either one of those would take it.

  4. Just came across your blog and love seeing your ideas for decorating!

    As for getting a lab to print those... I can tell you from experience, you're better to stick with a local small lab rather than a large lab like Shutterfly. Large labs are going to be a bit scared to print that. Small labs usually don't care, could use the business, and are willing to let questionable copyright issues slide. I can recommend www.huntdigitalimaging.com

  5. Love those vintage maps! Did you decide on your kitchen cabinet color? I vote for grey and white ;)

  6. Thank you! I have been looking for artwork and prints for my son"s nursery. I hope you go with gray I love those gray cabinets btw!

  7. i am going to have NIGHTMARES about those evil babies. iiiick!!


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