I Picked Paint Colors and a Goodwill Table

A little paint can go a LONG way. I know I have beat the gray topic like a dead horse, but I have made a decision out of my many paint samples! I am sure everyone has been on the edge of their seats just waiting in anticipation!! haha!
I couldn't get an accurate view of all of the colors in the house because the house is so dark and the current paint colors were really affecting the way the samples looked. I decided to paint each sample on a piece of poster board to get a better representation. That's a LOT of shades of greige! The center color is my kitchen cabinet color. It is gauntlet gray by Sherwin Williams. I based everything else off of how it looked against the GG.

I am too lazy to edit these, so they appear a little blue. But the color I have decided on {I think} is Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams

I am hoping the paint can really perk up this place! Looks like we will be needing some new recessed lighting! Brad has been pretty busy getting the house ready for the contractors to come in and work their magic.

I have been taking on projects of a much smaller scale... I have been forever searching for a table to match Blue's little red chair for his room. When I spied this one at Goodwill for 12 smackers, I made off with it like a bandit, or so I thought.

Once I really examined it at home, I realized that the top had rippled laminate. I was a little over confident that I could get the laminate off... but I couldn't. I decided that if I painted it patterned, that it wouldn't show up as much. Turned out, I was right. Here is the finished product!

I sanded the table, applied a coat of primer, and then used a sample sized paint pot from Lowe's for the white. Although the process wasn't that fast. The white didn't cover well and it took a lot of coats! Next time I would use spray paint.

The top was painted using a stencil. I love hounds tooth, and I am so glad that I found a cute way to sneak it into Blue's room!

I didn't dare show the underside of the table, because I did a really awful job of painting it!

I just love revamping an old junky piece of furniture!


  1. Love the houndstooth table! What a craft thing you are! :)

  2. what an adorable table!!! and i want to paint our room grey...but i DREAD the priming to cover the dark blue.

  3. One of my favorite pieces of furniture is an old $40 dresser I bought years ago and have repainted seven times since.

    The investment was so minimal you really can't mess it up!

    Love the houndstooth too.

  4. You did a FANTASTIC job on the table!

  5. Wow! that table looks amazing! You did such a good job, you are very creative!

  6. I have been getting several tables from Goodwill lately. I love painting them and giving them new life!
    I LOVE this one! I bought a table today that I am going to stencil. Looking forward to it and I love to see that yours turned out so great!
    My most current post is actually a table that I redid for my back patio.

  7. Love your houndstooth table. It is so cute. What are you doing with the grey in the kitchen? Wall color or cabinets? I just found your blog, so I am a little behind, but loving the color! I can't wait to see what you do next.


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