Decorating Inspiration Via Iphone

I was going through the photo gallery in my phone and realized that there were a ton of inspirational/ informative photos in there having to do with our house. I thought I would share!

We went on a presidents day buying rampage and got this black bed in a king size. I loved the pillows on the bed! I cannot wait to drift to sleep in a king. I love my husband and all, but I need space. Also, our mattress has been KILLING my back, so I cannot wait to make the switch!

This is also the couch we got {x2}. Our living room is so big so we figured two couches would fit perfectly in there {I HOPE} also a couch is only $30 more than a love seat! You can never have too much comfortable seating when friends come over! The couch shown isnt the color I ordered, mine is called smoke. Which is a grayish brownish color, or so it appeared from the 12 inch sample. Y'all I have a serious problem with gray. I need an intervention!

I found this cute set up in a furniture flea market/ consignment store. I loved the big table. We were thinking of redoing the existing table at the house like this one, but it just looks too dated, but not in a cool vintagey way. Tough break!

I took this one at Pottery Barn when I went with my sister to register for her wedding. I loved the candle lanterns hanging above the table. Practical? Probably not, but I loved it anyways! I also really love all of the dishes and glasses on the table. You cant see them from this photo but they have a very vintage almost rustic feel to them.

This is my aunts new kitchen in her house. I love it for various reasons, and I am super jealous of her ginormous ceiling height! Most of all I love the dark gray/ almost black cabinets.

This was taken when we went tile shopping. Here is my choice for our backsplash, but in a less brown color.

and well... that's all Ive got! Stay tuned for more ramblings!

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