Weekend Recap!

I had quite the busy weekend and need a little bit of recovery time from constantly being on the go!

Friday I had two photo sessions. One for the precious Amelia Claire, and the other for my beautiful pregnant friend Kristy.
Isnt she just precious?She looks awesome for being with child! Dont yall think!?

That night we hung out with my parents and ate homemade buffalo chicken pizza. YUM! Then went to bed before 10! haha! We are so lame!

Saturday it rained all day long, but we were still busy. That night Brad took me out for our first date since Keating has been born. We went and indulged at PF Changs and it was delish!

Sunday was my awesome little sister's birthday. I still cant believe she is 22! She graduates in May and has a real "big girl job". Keating and I went to UGA with my parents to eat lunch with her for her birthday. It was a little surreal pushing a baby stroller down the sidewalks of Athens. When we got home we went and met up with Brad at the Taste of Marietta where he was working. There we were surrounded by INCREDIBLE food and even better people watching! I was a very happy camper!

Future bulldog!

A funny family portrait with Keatings legs and arms hanging out!
Catching his zzz's! It was a long weekend for Blue too!


  1. awww, keating on the bulldog is PRECIOUS!!! and i LOOOOOOVE your new blog look. so pretty.

  2. Sounds like yall had a great weekend! I love the new header by the way! Hope you have a great week! ~Andrea

  3. Love your new banner and those precious pictures!!! Sounds like you had a great weekend! :)

  4. Beautiful photos, as usual!!! I've just now seen the new blog header, and I love it!

  5. We still have yet to take B to UGA but it is for sure on our to do list.

  6. Wow! Great photographs! :) And such cute pics of K in Athens.

  7. Beautiful photos! I hope your friends were really happy with the way they turned out. Looks like a wonderful weekend.

    Love your new banner! Very cute!

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