Pregnant Barbie

I remember playing Barbies when I was little.
We did mean things to our Barbies...
Cut their hair, switched their heads, pulled off their legs...
the list goes on.

Poor Barbie, Now I know how she feels.

I feel like someone has stretched my legs past their breaking point. You know when Barbies legs made the "click click click" sound? Or you just popped her legs right off?

That's me right now. If it weren't for this ailment, I would still be fine and dandy and not obsessing over naturally inducing labor this weekend!

Thank you to all who offered suggestions and emailed me! I really appreciate it! I think tomorrow is going to go a little like this.

Wake up- walk (if its not snowing) - massage all acupressure spots in hands and legs - go to lunch for eggplant parm- walk the mall - come home and bounce on exercise ball - more acupressure - spicy dinner - a little "roll in the hay" as my mother in law put it...
Eww. Talk about awkward!

If that doesnt work, I plan to try it all again on Saturday! =)

Wish me luck!!!


  1. Wowzer omething about this Barbie, is disturbing to me. I know it's natural but wow hold on there even I didn't know or necesarily need to know about the dynamics of the female body at that point in time.

  2. Image = PUKE

    I hope your day works! My fingers are crossed


  3. That Barbie is disturbing. I hope one of her main selling points isn't a dilating cervix.
    Wait! Are those mesh panties from the hospital she's wearing?!

  4. I remember being that 'over' it at the end and when she did come I was crying for sleep and that took 8 long months! good luck and here's hoping for a speedy delivery!

  5. Well I will have my walking shoes on early! Or will I need to follow in the car :) I am kinda excited about the lunch though! I am so praying that we get to actually see him this weekend! And another bonus is that I am off work on Monday! Perfect time to become a grandma!

  6. A prego Barbie?!!! WWhhhhhaaaatttt??????
    I never played with Barbie in my childhood(or adulthood) life..so I never knew she had a baby!!??? How did parents explain this to the lil girls who played with them? at age 4? Do you go over "The Birds n The Bees"ha! ha! at the age of 4?
    your MIL's comment is funny!!

  7. Good luck this weekend! I can't imagine what it'll be like for me in 6 weeks...I'm sure I'll be trying the same tricks. :) Have loved following your blog through your pregnancy and can't wait to see/meet Keating! We should get together "live" and have our boys meet over the summer--if not sooner!

  8. I DO remember the click click noise!!! Labor vibes your way!!!


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