Inducing labor? The old fashioned way??

So I have been giving Keating pep talks.

Yep, Ive kinda lost it!

I told him that this weekend would be a wonderful time for him to make his appearance. He knows that we are excited to meet him, as is his furry sister Lola.

Lola has taken it upon herself to make sure everything is ready for Keating's arrival.
She has been very busy inspecting his toys... (aka trying to steal them)

She even went as far as to check out the car seat and make sure its safe enough!

And she has been enjoying spending a little quality time with her dad.
Lola would love it if her brother came to meet her this weekend.
I mean, how could anyone say no to this face!? =)

So what do you suggest to start labor?

A bumpy road?
Spicy food?
A long walk?
A little bow chicka wow wow?

Let me know! I'm going to attempt it all this weekend!


  1. you are too cute and SOOOO close.

    yes, it's private. want an invite?

    send me your email address to summerathena@gmail.com

  2. Eggplant from Scalinis,(Rosey said if you get it at Provinos and go into labor they will bring you dinner at the hospital) a long fast walk, a GOOD round of sex and a gulp of castor oil should do it!

  3. Try jumping jacks!!! It was probably a coincidence but I did them around 7 p.m. and my water broke 3 hours later. I highly recommend them :) I was 39 weeks, 3 days. Good luck!

  4. Good luck I tried all the tricks to get my first to come out (including scrubbing the floor on my hands and needs the day after my due date) and NOTHING worked short of being induced. lol Boys are the best, I should know I have three! :)

  5. Schedule yourself a pedicure and manicure and I'm sure he'll come out!

    That being said my water broke (we think) or continuted to break after a trip to Ikea, while eating an Onion Loaf at Tony Roma's.

  6. aww such a helpful big sister Lola will be!! haha I have no experience with labor but good luck and I hope all your hard work pays off!!

  7. You're so close!! Lola is just precious, her little face is absolutely adorable. I've never been in labor so I can't give you any pointers, but don't massage therapists know the special spot in your feet that send you into labor? Haha just a thought! Good luck, I hope you find a trick that works!

  8. Walk, walk, walk! I had NO signs of labor on a thursday so friday i went shopping with my mom and out popped a baby that night! walk!

  9. Walk! That worked with both babies that I went into labor on my own with. We walked the mall with the first and around the worship center at church with the third. It was too cold to walk outside and there was no one at church. Gave hubby and I some nice time together before going into labor the next day.

  10. Sex (TMI?) and Baking and cleaning did it for me! ha ha.

    Good luck!!!

  11. One week overdue and nothing worked for me... mister Keaton just has to be good and ready to make his appearance! My midwife told me that the last option on your list is the real deal, the one that can induce if the baby is ready. This waiting game is hard though, huh?
    I'll be thinking of you. Hope everything goes well, can't wait to see that sweet little face!

  12. I am getting so excited for you girl! I wish I could give you some labor advise....as my Doc put it Miss Priss has to come out the sunroof {haha-a nice way of saying c-section} Hope your feeling good!! XOXO

  13. Sex!!! We did it 2 times the day before I went into labor... I swear that's what did it :)
    I did the eggplant parm from Scalini's & it didn't work for me... it's worth a try though!

  14. Great pictures!
    Hope the little guy comes out soon!

  15. Just let him come...I tried drinking castor oil and walking....and sex...sometimes they come when they want!


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