17 weeks!!

* How far along?: 17 Weeks
* Total weight gain: A pound or two?
* How big is baby?: An onion... which is the same size as the navel orange a few weeks ago?? Supposedly as big as my hand stretched out...
* Maternity clothes?: Just jeans
* Stretch marks?: nope
* Sleep?: Pretty good, more boy baby dreams though!
* Best moment this week? Feeling the baby squirm around!!
* Movement?: YES!!!! Its the coolest thing EVER!
* Food cravings?: not really? I would still kill for some raw ahi tuna though!
* Labor signs?: n/a
* Belly button in or out?: In, although its starting to look a little different.
* What I miss: my brain! Im so forgetful now! I completely forgot to RSVP to B's cousin's wedding shower, and didnt even realize it until the shower had passed! Oops!
* What I'm looking forward to: Wednesday morning to see if its a boy or girl!!!
* Words of Wisdom: To drink a Dr. Pepper before my ultrasound so the baby will be moving around and we will get a good view! Thanks melissa!
* Milestone: Feeling the baby starting to move more. The first movement was just a little poke, but last night I felt it really moving. Every time I do, it starts to feel a little bit more real.


  1. If you are going for your "big" ultrasound, don't drink the Dr Pepper. Too much moving means they can't get the measurements they need and you might not find out the sex.

  2. Be careful. IF the baby is moving to much, you wont be able to find out the sex because the baby will be squirming to much. My ultrasound tech told me to eat normally throughout the day.

  3. Isn't the moving the best? I thought it was the coolest when (towards the end obviously) you could SEE the movement inside from the outside . . . so weird but I loved it! :-) and i kinda missed it when she was outside of me haha :-)

  4. Well I was told by my Ultra Sound tech to drink the Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew before the 2nd Ultra Sound because she was not moving enough the first time and she could not get all the measurements and could not be sure on the sex. So I guess it all depends.

  5. We better find out! I have purchasing to do!


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