Weekend Update!

This weekend was quite the busy one, and this week is going to be pretty jam packed as well. Maybe I can finally stop being such a blog slacker since I have lots going on to share!

Friday night we went to a party that my cousin threw. It was an "end of summer" party, but I knew he had other intentions. He popped the question to his girlfriend and surprised her in front of their family and friends! She was so surprised! She thought they were on the "40 year plan" so he definitely caught her by surprise. She said YES and the ring is GORGEOUS!

So, Friday was quite eventful!
Here's a blurry pic that I stole from facebook. I didnt want to bring my huge camera to the party and raise suspicion!

Saturday I headed up to Athens, GA to tailgate for the UGA vs. South Carolina game. It was lots of fun! It officially feels like football season since we have had a home game now!

Here's a pic of my sister and me. She was a little obsessed with showing everyone my bump... or lack there of as everyone kept telling me.

Me and my BFF Laney ( I wanted to get the cowboy boots in the pic, theyre my favorite!)

A sweaty, humid, close up

Sunday was just a normal day. We went to church and came home to relax. I started knitting a new baby hat. Ill have to post pics!

Then we went to my parents house for Sunday dinner. Here is B relaxing with our precious niece on the hammock.

On this weeks agenda!

Tonight is the season premiere of One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl! I cant wait to see where both of these shows go this year. One Tree Hill isnt going to be the same without Lucas and Peyton, but it will still be good! They werent my favorites anyways since I have a girl crush on Sophia Bush! Gossip Girl left off on a great note with Blair and Chuck, but we will have to wait and see how long that lasts! Im sure there will be trouble in paradise very soon.

Tomorrow I have nothing exciting going on. It will just be a teaser for.... Drum roll please..... The BIG Ultrasound!

Wednesday: We *hopefully* find out the sex of Baby C!! I'm praying that the baby cooperates and gives us a good glimpse! All wives tales, chinese gender predictors, and my intuition say boy... but everyone else seems to think girl. We shall see!!!


  1. The boots are super cute!! I am SO excited about OTH and Gossip Girl. Did they write out Peyton and Lucas because Chad Michael Murray wanted more money? I think I heard that somewhere... so sad, he was nice to look at.

  2. We'll see...all the wives tales and gender predictions led to girl for me, but I thought boy, and sure enough! Good Luck! Can't wait to hear what you are having on Wednesday! And sounds like such a fun weekend!! I can't wait for One Tree Hill tonight...we can chat about how it goes tomorrow! It will be interesting without Lucas and Peyton for sure!

  3. Cute boots! I cant wait to find out what you are having! I am thinking boy too.

  4. Super-Duper cute Boots! Love them!
    Very cute :)
    Are those boots made for walkin'!!!!!
    Lol :)

  5. Those boots are SO cute!! Where did you get them?

  6. those red boots are perfect for a UGA game! also kinda reminds me of Footloose. haha


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