Houston... I think we have movement!!

So Ive been a total blog slacker lately. I'm managing a post every two days... that is pathetic! Well I had planned on posting my awesome fish taco recipe today. (I love fish tacos, and Im always craving them!) But last night, while laying in bed... I *think* I felt the baby move. I say *think* because Im not sure if what I was feeling was the baby... let me explain

Ive always been told that the baby should feel like little butterflies, or a goldfish moving around, or even little twinges. Well this was more of a nudge or a few pokes. Who knows... if this is the baby, then I could have been feeling this long before last night. I was just waiting for the wrong feeling maybe?

Feeling a "nudge" reminds me of Bella in Twilight saying her baby was her "little nudger." That term scares me a little because, well, baby Reneesme was freaky! Im obviously not hoping for a baby that rips its way out of my abdomen, or has me craving human blood, or has me delivering a baby the size of a two year old in a matter of days... but I hope to feel a lot more "nudging" now!

For women that have had babies, is that what Im feeling? What should it feel like? There is so much I dont know when it comes to having babies!

I have also sadly had to retire my favorite pair of citizens this morning. I tried putting them on and I couldnt zip them up. I told my husband "my jeans dont fit today because I just washed them." He responded with "No babe, I think you're just pregnant" Thank you for pointing that out! =) Hopefully we arent saying "auf wiedersehen" forever, just until after February! Good bye jeans, I will miss you!


  1. I had to retire all my jeans too! Such a sad day! And I totally think you are right in it being movement...I never felt "flutters" like everyone says. I always feel like it's a nudging type sensation. To me, it's like someone is bumping or poking your arm except it's in your stomach.

  2. baby feelings are different, for me it was like flutters it really felt like butterflies flying in my stomach, your nudge is possible and it could have been a hiccup of sorta... just wait for those! baby in your belly having the hiccupslol

  3. when I first felt Jayci move, I said to Adam "either I have gas bubbles, or I just felt our baby move!" :-)

  4. that could be it! it might be doing back handsprings and bumping your insides. But with you and your sister it started as a flutter. You might have just missed that part, not knowing it was the baby.

  5. Try Hudson jeans. You may have to go up a size or two, but at least you don't have to worry about buying maternity jeans. I wore them almost all nine months. They have a very low rise, and have a comfortable stretch. The movement is just amazing! I've got my second girl on the way now (the two will be 17 months apart), and she started moving around 20 weeks. I'm 30 weeks now. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

  6. It certainly sounds like your baby! I had the hardest time in the beginning too trying to figure out if I was feeling the baby or popping gas bubbles in my belly. I feel her best at night lying down so I am sure that is the same for you too. It starts out as little pops, I don't think I ever really felt the first flutters. Then it slowly gets more defined with, like you said, little nudges! Every now and then she will even tickle me, but that only happens when I am laying on my side with her smooshed against the mattress. It's the craziest feeling!!!! My husband was finally able to feel her for the first time this week after a Dairy Queen blizzard. She was going nuts!


  7. Awww...sweetie. Your so cute***
    I love your posts and love hearing about your pregnancy :)
    So happy for you :)

  8. So exciting!!

    I have not gotten that far in Twilight yet, but now I'm a little scared . . .


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