Kitchen Re Decorating

Sometimes I get on a kick where I have to start a project IMMEDIATELY as it comes to mind... and then it takes me forever to finish it... for instance... the gorgeous thrift store chair that I found last spring. I still havent finished its makeover. Sad!

Well, a few weeks ago I decided that I needed a chalkboard in my kitchen/ dining room, and I needed one that very day! I went in our family's storage space and found this.

This beautiful lithograph of quails was just waiting for me to find it. Come on, I know you're jealous of my awesome bird picture! I chose this frame because it had a great burlap piece around the inside of the frame. Lola wanted to be in the picture too!
I painted the frame, as I paint most things... black. I decided to leave the picture as it was in the frame, because the chalkboard paint said it could be used on glass. It is okay for now, but eventually I will need to replace the glass with a board because the paint scratches off.

Here is my kitchen before. I was tired of the cluttered black and white frames on the wall. I wanted something more structured.

Here is the wall after. I love the way the chalkboard turned out!

I used a few of the black and white photos to flank the sides. My husband wasnt so sure about the huge chalkboard on our wall at first. Once again, he questioned *my* better judgement! I explained to him that if pottery barn did it, then I could do it! haha I'm pretty sure that he likes it now, since I caught him writing on it the other day!


  1. That looks great! I love it! Glad the boy is on "board!"

  2. so cute!! although....that sweet bird print is pretty cool too....

  3. That is too cute!! I need to make something like this!

  4. i liked the original, but i love the chalkboard idea even more! thats so funny...if pottery barn can do it, we can! hahaa

  5. How cute! Both pictures look like something out of a magazine, but I like that it serves two purposes-decorative and functional.

  6. ***LOVE*** the chalk board Lady! Love it!
    I have a dear friend who does the same thing!!
    Love awesome!

  7. That looks great! The picture of your dining area looks like a picture straight out of Pottery Barn!

  8. it looks so awesome! I love it!!

  9. Love the after, less cluttered!! :)


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