A lot of random nonsense

I mentioned that I had been doing some crafting this past weekend. Here is what I was up to. (Please excuse the sloppy made bed) I have been researching for antique/ vintage theater marquee letters. I am obsessed with cluttering our house with our initials and I had another epiphany of where I wanted to add a little type next. Turns out that theater letters are kind of expensive so I found a great alternative. I went to Joann's and bought paper mache letters (on sale, SCORE!) I first spray painted them with the krylon nickel colored spray paint. That turned out to be a little to flat for me, so I dry brushed them with a little black and brown acrylic to make them look like stainless steel. I tried getting a close up, but my camera was wigging out (even having a photo degree didnt help me with it!) I love the way they turned out! Total cost: around 5 bucks.
Next the table on B's side of the bed. It was a nasty red wood color with a hunter green faux leather top. Im not sure if I have ever expressed my loathing of hunter green in blog form before... but I hate it. The green had to go. I decided to use the same Nickel spraypaint to the table. On top of it I added a little Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze with a paper towel to give it some dimension. I still need to seal it with varnish, but I love it now. B on the other hand... does not love it! Oh well! I dont see him repainting it anytime soon. =)
On to Gossip Girl. Lily was pretty much an idiot last night. Chuck needs to stop lying to Blair, and Dan needs to stop being such a tattle tale. Nate... as gorgeous as ever! I'm a little sad that Georgina is going back to her old ways, she was cracking me up with her comments. Should make for interesting drama because Georgina always = drama.
Blair looking gorgeous as always. I love this dress

Serena going to jail thanks to her mom.

One Tree Hill- Please stop with the teary stuff. Gosh it was all a girl could do to keep her mascara from running last night! I kid... I really dont care if my mascara runs for the sake of amazing entertainment! I would love to know the real designer of the yellow dress that Brooke "made" Peyton. It was too cute! Next week looks AWESOME! I cant wait for the much anticipated wedding, and for Julian to come back! I also think next week, Brooke and Julian might heat things up again, considering Sam is temporarily out of the picture at home.
I want the cute yellow dress in a non knocked up version? Peyton is adorable pregnant... even if its probably a beachball!

House- Wow! Withdrawls look really painful. I thought it would take longer than a day for house to get the meds out of his system. Either way, interesting stuff is about to go down with House and Cutty. Cant wait!

Well that is all of my ramblings!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!


  1. WOW, as your mother I can tell you that you are watching way too much tv, go outside and play!

  2. i too am obsessed with monograms. i want a vinyl one for our living room. LOVE the side table too =)

    and i conveniently skipped the OTH part, until i can see it =)

  3. I LOVE that big mirror over your bed-where is it from?

  4. I love your room! :-) so cute - I'm obsessed with initials too - I got a giant paper mache S from Joann's - I cant wait to fancy it up - not that I know where I'm going to put it but whatever! :-)
    ps - what a great episode of House!

  5. Love love love your room!

  6. Mom, I only watch TV on mondays... Deals,steals & heels, hurry up and watch OTH! Lauren Ashley, the mirror is from a store in georgia called Progressive Lighting. Becca, I was tempted by those huge letters too, but I figured the smaller was better for the side of the bed. I need to get a big one an find a place for it! Jane, thankyou!


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