It is almost time for Memorial Day, for warm weather (HOPEFULLY!) and vacation! This time 4 years ago (wow its been 4 years!) my Great Aunt Dottie took me to tour Italy. Just she and I, two single women out to see the world! Here we are in Pompei, she is rocking her bright ensemble and vintage Dior sunglasses!

We went to over 14 cities in Italy including Pompeii, Rome, Sorrento, Amalfi, Florence, and Venice to name a few. We stayed in hotels with balconies that over looked the Med, places that I will never be able to afford again in a MILLION years! We ate our weight in gelatto and drank tons of vino rosa! This trip was the trip of a lifetime! We had a blast.

Aunt Dottie is currently in the hospital recovering after undergoing a triple heart bypass and valve replacement, a long ways away from trecking through Italy. So tonight, I am going to share our trip with my devoted readers. (The small few that actually read my ramblings!)

The coast of Sorrento (Mt Vesuvius in the background)

The amazing ceiling of the Sistine Chapel -I probably could have gone to jail for sneaking this photo.... OOPS! ;)

A small Italian town that I have no idea which one!

Everyone knows what this is!!


A canal in Venice

I have SO many more photos, so many better photos...but its hard to see them on my laptop, in the tiny blogger thumbnails, in the dark while hubby is snoring next to me! :) So maybe I will find the better ones and save those for another blogging day.

If Yall will, PLEASE keep my Aunt Dottie in your prayers for a fast recovery!


  1. Your aunt looks super fun! I'll keep in her my thoughts :)

  2. What a great experience to have with your Aunt. I love that she is wearing Dior!

  3. oh my gosh I want to go to Italy so bad!
    I will definitely pray for her!
    Have a great mem day weekend!

  4. Love your pictures! I am dying to go to Italy! :)

  5. Hope she gets better soon. What an amazing trip! And it's so neat that you got to share it with her! Have a great weekend!

  6. What an awesome trip - I love Italy :-)

    I will be praying for your great aunt!


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