Lauren Nicole Gifts Review!!

One thing that I ABSOLUTELY love about blogging, is how generous people are! I heard through the blogging grapevine about Lauren Nicole Gifts and of course I had to check it out! I began reading a few product reviews, and realized that I too could review something! How awesome is that? Denise at Lauren Nicole Gifts was so nice and helpful!

My necklace came adorably packaged in this Lilly wrapped tin. The tin now looks so pretty sitting in my jewelry box!
I chose the stamped initial necklace with a freshwater pearl (My June birthstone!) The fine silver craftsmanship is gorgeous. The charm looks like an heirloom handed down through a family with an awesome vintage feel.

Today at Lauren Nicole Gifts is 30% off of Hand Stamped Necklaces. Yall should go on over and check them out! They would make great gifts for those hard to shop for loved ones! Too bad my dad wouldn't appreciate an initial necklace! His birthday is this weekend and he is SO HARD TO BUY FOR! (I hope you are reading this dad!) Ü


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  2. That necklace is great! I love the freshwater pearl. You don't think your Dad would want one? haha

  3. Dont rush and get one for Dad! These are real cute, i want to see if in person!

  4. LOVE lauren nicole gifts...i'm thinking of getting one of these for a friend's birthday =)

  5. I love your blog! It's so random, but my first initial is a "C" and my birthday is in June. I'm going to have to go order that necklace!


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