The Winter Olympics and the time I had a Newborn

Is anyone else super excited for the Winter Olympics? Besides the fact that Ralph Lauren dressed them as if they're going to a tacky sweater party, and they are interrupting all of my favorite TV shows for an entire month... I am really looking forward to it! The Olympics makes me proud to be an American, plus it helps that we have the some of the most talented athletes in the world!

I have a special place in my heart for the Winter Olympics. Possibly because it helped us ease the transition of parenthood. Back in 2010, we brought a tiny newborn Keating home at the start of the winter games. Having a newborn was a difficult transition as any new baby is, but he was TOUGH. After long days full of sleep/ eat/ scream intervals, we would tuck him into bed each night. Then we would wait for the colic to kick in.  Thankfully the Winter Olympics was airing 3 hours behind us and there was plenty to keep us entertained on those long sleepless nights. I spent countless hours bouncing, shushing and thinking I was obviously doing the whole mothering thing wrong...while also trying to understand the concept of curling. I mean, isn't it really just shuffle board on ice??

It is hard for me to believe that four years has already passed since I held that tiny boy in my arms. At the time, I thought the crying would surely never stop, but now I have a funny, smart and caring little boy. A little boy that at one time fit in his dad's cowboy hat will be four years old.  It is unreal. 

I am looking forward to watching the events with him. After our mini snowstorm last week, I think he will really enjoy watching. I cant wait to watch the team figure skating competitions. Go USA!

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  1. I love this! I have a special place in my heart for the winter games too bc I had just moved back to my husbands hometown and had just started staying home with my 10 month old. I was scared and nervous about how it was all going to work and the games helped take my mind off everything. And here we are! I love the picture of him in the cowboy hat. So precious :)


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