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So maybe some of you heard, but it snowed in Atlanta last week? =) My mom kept telling me that I needed to leave work because the roads were bad. I pretty much blew her off, but then I decided to work the rest of the day from home after lunch. At noon I left my office and was faced with this.
That was just the beginning of the traffic nightmare. I was lucky and made it home in about 4 hours, but many others were not as fortunate and were stuck on interstates that looked like scenes from The Walking Dead. It was really quite nuts. Atlanta was the laughing stock of late night TV. Our local government is going to be working to resolve this for a very long time. 
Once I made it home, we took the kids out to play in the snow but they were hardly impressed. Snow is more fun in theory for Southern boys! They spent ten minutes crying and complaining, so we forfeited plans to play in the snow and went inside and drank mimosas! 
Thankfully, the following day they knew what to expect and did have a bit more fun. 

Thankfully by the time the weekend rolled around our temperatures were in the 50's and I was able to get a few projects done around the house. The unfinished doors have been driving me crazy, so I decided to put a coat of stain on them. I love them even more now. 
Have I mentioned lately that Archer is a total disaster? He has no fear of falling and is a magnet for destruction. Lord help me to keep this one out of trouble.
I'm sure most of you are wondering what is taking so long to get in our house. Yeah... me too. Nothing interesting to report except that we are still waiting. Waiting on the cabinet maker... waiting on our inspection... waiting. I loathe waiting and I am really tired of being lied to by contractors. Hopefully I have good news to report soon. Until then...

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  1. my parents call me every time it snows at work & asks me when I'm leaving too :) Parents, never too old to worry :)

    My youngest grandson is CONSTANTLY falling & hitting his head!


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