5 on Friday

1. WE PASSED OUR FINAL INSPECTION!!!!! For anyone that has been following along for our LONG home building journey, thank you! There are still a lot of little things to be done in the house, but the fact that we can actually move in is HUGE! We are going to start moving in on Sunday! Cue the angels singing HALLELUJAH!

2. We have a bit of an early riser at our house by the name of Archer. I have tried everything to get him to stay asleep, but as of 5-6 am his internal alarm clock goes off and he sets off to wake up the whole house. Does anyone have any suggestions to keep this kid in bed until a reasonable hour? Has anyone tried this kids alarm clock?

3. This weekend we are going to a ball for members of a local police organization. It sounds silly to call it a ball, but really it really is! There are no ballgowns sadly, but I do get to wear a cocktail dress and have a date night! I somewhat waited until the last minute to find a dress, so I will be rushing around on my lunch break to find something!

4. Next weekend is Keating's 4th birthday party, and I still haven't sent out invitations or prepared for it in any way. Total mom fail.

5. I have been looking at a few shelving options since we don't really have an official pantry and this is currently my top contender. I love the rustic industrial look to it and it would be easily removable if we ever got tired of it.


  1. Yay on the home news ... I can't wait to see all of the fun pictures ahead!

    I procrastinated big time on our Halloween party invitations. I ended up just making one up on my Red Stamp app and then texting it out to friends :) At least you can justify that you are saving trees?? ;)

  2. We have that alarm clock and LOVE IT!!!! We have used it for almost 3 years with my girls and it really works (my girls are now 6 and 4 1/2). During the week I set it for 6:45 and they know that they can't leave their room until the light turns green. Good Luck!!

  3. Visiting form the link up. I have a co-worker whose child uses that same alarm clock and he said it works like a charm! They have been thrilled with it.

  4. Congrats on the good inspection! Woo Hoo!! Love that shelving, too!


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