Do you know what is frustrating?? Things that just don't go your way and you have absolutely no control over them. We were set to close on our house yesterday at 2:00 pm. On Wednesday evening we were told we didn't pass our final appraisal by the bank due to a few uncompleted items. We had already discussed said uncompleted items with the bank and told them that they would be completed shortly after closing... they were fine with this. The appraiser even went as far as to say  that everything looked great and we were "good to go." Apparently his version of "good to go" and mine are completely different. 

This delay has caused us to have to buy down our interest rate (again). We have to do this because we originally locked our rate in December when it looked like rates were beginning to rise. In order to keep this rate after 30 days, you have to buy it. Fun stuff. 

So what does all of this mean? Well, we now have 10 days to finish every last detail of our house. The little touch up items we planned to do after we move in, have to be finished ASAP. If you are wondering, "why doesn't the builder take care of that?" We are our own builder, remember? 

This weekend will involve a lot of painting and I will surely end up with a claw hand, but it is all worth it in the end! I see the light at the end of the tunnel. For progress sneak peeks you can follow along in my Instagram. 


  1. Boo! I can only imagine how frustrating that's got to be!

  2. Omg this too happened to us. We found out banks do this to gain $$. We didn't find out the fees until the closing! We actually took a chance signed papers to rescind the loan, and walked away! It was a construction loan and our attorney told us it happens all the time! Why didn't we get our c/ o ? No closet shelves, a scam I tell you! Also no doorknobs on closet (so indecisive). Anyhow good news the bank president called and lowered our rate for free. It was a gamble but what bank wants a house? They're all crooks! Good luck!

  3. Awe man I hate that, just when you think you have it all wrapped up it falls apart. Hope it only goes up from here and I am loving the house sneak peeks


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