5 on Friday

1. The new year means it is time for a new planner. This going to make me so uncool, but I am going back to a regular boring weekly/monthly planner instead of ordering another Erin Condren one. I just like how flat and simple this calendar is. It isn't nearly as pretty, but I found myself missing it over the last 18 months when I used my Erin Condren one.
2. Resolutions- I am not much of a resolution maker but I am going to do my best to cut out sugar again. I started to cut it out in October but fell off the wagon at Thanksgiving. After about a week of giving it up, I didn't even crave sweets anymore and when I ate something sweet, it was only a bite that I didn't enjoy like I previously did. Last week, we lost a family friend way too early and it has made me re-evaluate my health and what I put into my body.
3. In our new house, the boys are going to share a room. We debated over this for a few reasons: 1. we have the space for them to each have their own room and 2. They wake each other up super early, so that means a lot of early mornings for us. 
It basically came down to the fact that I shared a room growing up, and I think that it is good for kids to have that experience. Also, since they will now be one floor up, I like the idea of them being together. I have been planning out what we will do decor wise, and I think it will be something similar to this... Except no bunk beds. Archer is a dare devil and would break his neck.
4. I can't get this image out of my mind. I keep thinking it would be so easy to make a clutch like this! Maybe I will try my hand at a little DIY soon. My list of projects is growing by the day.
5. And speaking of projects, I want to include fun artwork in the boy's playroom. I think something including our dogs would be really fun. 


  1. I did not order another Erin Condren planner either! My new one seems so small compared to the EC one, but it's still cute (from Target) and is so much easier to lug around!

  2. I didn't order an EC planner either :) Way too heavy and the colors just don't help me with focussing on what's important and what not :)

  3. I didn't order another Eric Condren planner either, I just didn't feel like the $$ was worth it. I can do just as much {just not as cute} with the one I got for this year and it's not near as big.

  4. I just ordered my first Erin Condren planner, haha! Either way, I need a planner to organize my life - couldn't live without one! Loving that leopard clutch!


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