Five on Friday

1. Last weekend we took Keating to see the monster trucks at the Georgia Dome. My dad received tickets from a work contact and we got to sit super close. He was totally amazed by everything. About an hour in to the show, he started asking to go home because he was tired. For a kid that loves monster trucks as much as he does, I knew something was wrong with him. In other news, I think I look like a legit brunette in this photo! 

2. By Monday morning we were in the doctor's office making sure he didn't have the flu. Thankfully he did not, just a virus that needed time to pass. A day later, he and the rest of the family (Minus myself, *Knock on wood*) came down with a stomach bug. When it rains, it pours at our house. Hopefully we are all on the mend since the weekend has arrived!

3. Last week I mentioned a few hold ups with the house and being able to close our loan. One of which was the doors for our kitchen cabinets that our cabinet maker decided to wait until the last minute to complete. Thankfully there has been some progress this week and everything should be finished this weekend. I am kicking myself a little bit for not using the Ikea cabinets. I know the custom cabinets fit our space much better, but if it had been left up to me, they would have been finished. To make up for his tardiness, the cabinet maker said he would make us a custom master closet. I'm not necessarily holding my breath on this, but it would be a nice gesture! =)

4. I have a new respect for house painters. Staining and painting our stairs was not in our painting quote so I get to complete this task. I can tell you that it is quite the process! I know that much of my weekend will be spent finishing the stairs. 
5. Nashville and Revenge - I don't want to put any spoilers out, but I am really enjoying both of these shows right now. I am not thrilled about the direction Revenge is heading, but I do think it will be interesting. As far as Nashville goes, is anyone else somewhat rooting for Avery this season? Last season he got on my nerves, but I like him when he is less cocky.


  1. Totally agree about Avery! He was seriously my least favorite character, now Scarlett gets on my nerves... ugh I'm am not liking her one bit.

    And as for revenge whyyyy can't Aiden and Emily just be together already!


  2. Revenge is really making me hate Daniel. I use to like him!

  3. Are y'all the cutest family ever or what?????? And ugh, Revenge - I'm absolutely addicted! Addicted, I tell ya!!

    So glad you joined us this week for Five on Friday!! Happy weekend!

  4. Uhhhhhh, only my two FAVORITE shows on tv!!! Good luck with the house, coming along beautifully!


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