Five on Friday

One - Last weekend I had to do something about how brassy my hair had become in the summer sun (what little we have had) I bought a quick box of temporary dark blonde to cover the orangey ends, but I am thinking of going back to brown this fall. Here are a few of my favorites. 

Two - I have 90% decided on going with this black kitchen from Ikea. I have been twice to test them out, and even brought my dad to inspect the details and important stuff. We have decided that, are they custom made dovetailed cabinets? Absolutely not. But will they hold up, be easy to clean, and serve their function? Absolutely! Best part, they are a THIRD of the price from the other 7 quotes we got! (Pic is a little blurry, my phone did not like the lighting in ikea)
My favorite parts are all of the useful interiors to their cabinets. How great are these dividers for all of your casserole dishes?? I would particularly love to have a white kitchen like this, but sadly white is not great for our family with two boys and a massive dog. 

Three- I am all about a messy bun, but this rats nest on the top of your head... I just don't get it? Please feel free to explain to me!

Four- Has anyone else been as happy as me with all of the new finds at Target this fall? I love the look of blazers and have a few... but I never wear them. This one is super cute!

Five- I am seriously hoping that our football season improves! Last week did not end so well for the Dawgs. But I can say, while other schools were playing mediocre teams... Clemson put up a serious fight! Lets hope the same does NOT go for South Carolina this weekend!


  1. I love the look of the Ikea cabinets! I painted my oak cabinets black a few years ago and am still in love with it. I will warn you thought that black shows a lot of dirt too. Nevertheless, a very elegant choice. I have the blazer from Target in camel and it is really great. I plan on wearing it to run errands as a light weight jacket when the weather cools. It can also be worn for things like tailgating and football games when you don't feel like lugging a big jacket. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. love that black kitchen! and oh how i wish we had an IKEA closer...our closest one is 5 hours away!

  3. Your new kitchen is going to be divine ... what smart organization that is! I can't wait to see the after photos!

  4. I was just in IKEA the other day! I swear we will run into each other one day. haha!

  5. Love the black kitchen and all the organizers! And I will be on the lookout for that super cute blazer!


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