5 on Friday and Beer Cheese Dip

I have been slacking on blog posting lately.... so today I am joining up with the girls doing the 5 on Friday series.

1. It is the MOST GLORIOUS time of the year! This weekend marks the start of SEC Football, and most importantly UGA Football! Go Dawgs!!!

2. With football, comes great tailgating food. This is one of my favorite dip recipes for Beer Cheese Dip. I like to make mine a bit thicker than the photo, but it is so tasty. How can you go wrong when it includes beer and cheese?
3. As this weekend marks the official end of summer, it also means the start (hopefully) of cooler temperatures. In times past, us Southerners believed to the core that you could not wear white after labor day, well thankfully that is not true anymore! I can't wait to work my white pants into my fall rotation. 
4. Time to start putting away the bright nail polish in return for fall colors! The new gray and navy from Essie are my favorites!
5. My life has lately been consumed with planning the most minute details of the house. Who would have known there were SO MANY THINGS TO DECIDE!? We have two posts, that are right in between the living room and kitchen, and some what in the way. Naturally, they are structurally necessary, so we couldn't do away with them. But then I found a photo on pinterest of columns incorporated into an island and I was so glad we kept them. I love this look!

That's all for today! For all of you SEC boy moms, I have a fun giveaway coming up next week! Stay tuned!


  1. My coworker is OBSESSED with no white after Labor Day... I wear it just to tick her off more then anything :)

    Anytime cheese is in a bowl? i'm one happy gal!

  2. love those nail polishes! and i'm totally breaking out that beer cheese dip for an upcoming party!

  3. I am super excited about college football kicking off as well - absolutely love it! My husband and I watched a couple of games last night, but Saturday is when our teams play and I can't wait!! Love, love the outfit and kitchen! Over from 5 on Friday link and now following! Want to hear more about your new house!!

  4. Question on the cheese dip. What makes the cheese melt? Do you heat it?

  5. New follower here! :) Looking forward to stalking through your blog :)

    That cheese dip looks amazing!!! I will have to make that for one of our tailgate parties!! And that kitchen is gorg!



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