Soaking up summer

Is anyone still there? Sorry for my absence, but as I'm sure everyone knows, summertime gets a little crazy. I finally feel like we have a bit of progress to show for our house. Who knew that SO much went into building a house? We now have a completed basement and a slab foundation. The framers will begin on framing up the walls today. It should move much faster from this point out!

We have spent many afternoons playing in the dirt. It is good for their little boy hearts.

We have also eaten cookies for breakfast, it had oatmeal in it....
We tried out a recipe for chalk paint, which was a smashing success. Though I ended up with a one year old stained like the incredible hulk.
We took the boys for their first meal at the varsity. It is a right of passage for any Georgian. 
We have learned that the cozy coupe can also be entered like the General Lee... through the door. 
We were also fortunate for a few afternoons out on the lake with friends. The boys loved riding on the boat and are ready to go back! Thanks Bonners!
We have been able to enjoy date nights.
Unfortunately our elf Tonka had to make a mid year visit due to some bad behavior and a smart mouth. Keating has sense changed his tune. 
 My sweet Brad surprised me with a 29th birthday party. I was shocked. I thought we were going for a golf cart ride and when we ended up at my parent's neighborhood pool and all my friends were there I couldn't believe it! 

We have ventured out to meet the neighbors. 
Got a little creative energy out.
And enjoyed time outside when it hasn't been raining here. Over all it has been a great summer. 

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  1. What a fun summer! Congratulations on your new home!


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