House update

The house is coming along slowly but surely. I really had no idea what was involved with building a house yourself until we were neck deep in it.

Getting permits took an entire month of paper trails, making calls, multiple visits to the courthouse, and even emailing our county commissioners. After many people blew us off, the county commissioners made sure that someone acknowledge us and help us get going. For once, elected officials did something to help us out!

After the paper pushing, we had record breaking  amounts of rain here in the south. At times I thought we needed to build an ark and not a house! In between monsoons we managed to get the basement dug out and footers poured. That is where we stand as of now. As soon as we get our septic system put in they can finish the foundation and building will really begin. All of the technical parts of building are no fun!

Here are a few photos


  1. So exciting! Good luck in the whole process! Can't wait to see more pictures throughout your experience! xo

  2. What an exciting time for you!


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