Floor Plan Changes

House building is now in full swing since the framing has begun. As of yesterday afternoon we had 1st and second floor walls! I hope it continues to progress so quickly! When looking for floor plans, we could never find the perfect plan. Every plan had something that we didn't like or something that we wanted to change. We ended up picking this plan because of its size. It wasn't too big or too small, 2600 square feet (not including basement or bonus room). It was also one of the only ones Brad and I could agree upon! 

I have already come to learn that what works on paper does not always work in real life. The floor plan ended up being a little less open than we originally realized making decent sized rooms and a 1900 sq ft first feel pretty small. Below are a few of the changes that we decided to make to the kitchen, dining, and laundry areas. 
Once the dining room wall went up, we knew it would never be used being so closed off from the kitchen. We decided to take out the wall between the kitchen and dining room giving a more open feel. At our old house we loved the eat in dining room, so that is essentially what we are doing here. When doing away with that wall, we lost a bit of cabinet space, but decided to relocate it to the should be Breakfast area. We think this helps to make the kitchen much more open and functional. 
We also used the large garage storage room as a much bigger laundry room. The former laundry room will now have pull out storage under the stairs as a pantry instead of the tiny pantry we would have had in the breakfast area. This space will also be a mud room/ butlers pantry area. I'm not really sure how it will all lay out as of now, it will really depend on our cabinet budget.

I'm pretty sure that our framing contractor already despises us with the amount of changes and specifications that we have made to the plans, but I am really happy we have made these decisions now instead of years down the road.

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