Southern Living House- Christmas

Last weekend my mom, sister and I went to Senoia, Georgia to see the Southern Living Idea House all decorated for Christmas. If you can make the trip, I highly recommend it. For those that can't, I hope you can find a few cute decorating ideas from the tons of photos that I took! Nearly every space in the house had a little something to remind you that it was Christmas. In case you are curious, most of the Christmas decorations are from Ballard Designs. (Sorry some of the photos are a little blurry, I was shooting in manual)

I loved this lamb artwork, it didn't photograph well though.
 The kitchen- sorry the coloring is a little off in these.


Sitting area at the top of the stairs... lots of sitting areas!
From before photos, this area serves as an office but they moved the desk out for the tree. Love all of the red!

 3 other bedrooms

 Laundry Room- I loved the green chalkboard painted walls

Sitting room off of the kitchen

Reading nook under the stairs 
Master Bedroom

 Sitting area in the Master Bedroom
 Amazing claw foot tub.
 Master Shower
 I'm not a huge fan of burlap, but I loved these curtains on the front and back door.
 This paint color is the same as my kitchen cabinets... no wonder I love it!
 The porch had remote activated screens that came down to close it in. Very handy in mosquito season!

 Rustic outdoor Christmas tree
An extra wide swing, plenty wide enough to nap on!

Beautiful gas burning lanterns
 I want to attempt to make these magnolia wreaths for my house.

 I wish that our front porch was this big... In our next house!


  1. Are the hooks at the bottom of the shutters on the front porch for decoration or can you hang planters? Just curious. Adore the house though, especially the master bedroom!

    1. Kylie that was just the shutter hardware. They were on hinges so that they could open and close.

  2. Gorgeous! I just love the outdoor spaces and that red print chair. So jealous you got to see this in person.

    1. The chair was gorgeous! I loved the fabric!

  3. I live in Senoia and visited the house with my mom a few months ago. I must say that when I saw the house I thought of your beautiful home. The Southern Living home has many of the things that you put into the remodel of your home. Both beautiful homes!

    1. Thank you Tara. That is a huge compliment!

  4. Great photos! Thank you so much for posting this. I hope I can make it there before they close it for the season. How wonderful to see it all decorated for Christmas.

  5. Oh man! I love this house. I want to live there...

  6. that house is absolutely incredible...why does that make me so envious of all that gorgeousness?? thanks for sharing!!!!


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