It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Christmas has come very early at the Carroll house this year. We are usually after Thanksgiving decorators, but with Brad's crazy work schedule and my never ending craft projects... we decided to throw up the old tree this past weekend. ( I wanted a real tree this year, but the fake was ready to go in the basement... maybe another year) We are officially those tacky early decorators! GASP! We I have had a lot of projects in the works that I can't wait to share. Some are just Pinterest copycats that everyone has seen, but I still can't wait to complete them all!
Our tree is very metallic and red this year. I'm still not so sure about it, I am not great at tree decorating.
Here is a little sneak peak at one. I had been seeing some beautiful Christmas Carol prints and canvases online so I decided to try my hand at crafting my own. I went through about 10 paint pens before completion, but I think it will be the perfect addition to our mantle this year.
Last year our mantle was very sad!
Our mantle is also getting a facelift with new stockings. I have been dreaming up new stockings for awhile. Our silk ones were pretty, but silk just doesn't seem to fit in with a house of all boys. I wanted something cozy and knit. After searching the internet for a pattern for days, I combined a few to produce exactly what I was looking for. I LOVE WHEN THAT HAPPENS! It is also a really quick/ easy knit for anyone looking to make their own. I can knit one stocking per night. Only 2 more to go!
Keating has been a bit curious as to what I was doing with my "sticks" and wanted to help out. He is very good at knotting yarn.
Also, my 2012 Wallace bell is arriving any day from Amazon. Does anyone else collect these? I love them! I also love the instant gratification Amazon Prime provides, although it is quite dangerous.

 I have tried to get in the spirit with Christmas carols and movies, but it is just too early for that. I have to keep some standards. So we will be waiting another week or two to bust out Cousin Eddie and my Michael Buble Christmas album.

Have you started early decorating this year?


  1. You are such a TEASE with that canvas picture!!! I want to see!

  2. I am so ready to decorate!! I want to...maybe this weekend?!

  3. Well I can say it's never too early to watch "A Christmas story" LOL and I always wondered how the eff people knit stuff.....maybe i should try it some time cuz that stocking really makes me want to :)


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