Photos that make my heart happy

As I'm sure all of you know, there is a 31 day blog series going on from the Nester's page. Bloggers are writing about a lot of great topics, so you should definitely go check it out! I have really wanted to participate, but I can't think of one solitary topic to blog about for 31 days. I decided that I would just make my best effort to post every day this month, even if it is a hodge podge of topics.
Back in '08 when I started my blog, I used to blog every day, sometimes twice a day about random things or whatever was going on in our newly wed lives at the time. Over the past few years and two children later, the blog often takes a backseat until my mom urges me to update photos. I already have 2 posts for the month and this makes #3, so I am right on track. Much more so than I usually am with things considering I'm a huge procrastinator. For today I am sharing photos that make me happy. Enjoy.
Baby Disguise
Little Scotch Tape Lover
Brad drinking wine (it only took me 6 years to get him to enjoy it)
Dock party for two

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