Archer Months 4 and 5

Archer's four and five month shots look quite similar... I feel like he hasn't changed a whole lot! Okay, I have a confession to make, I took both of these on the same day. We got so busy that the 4 month photos never happened. Sorry Archer! I know if I dont confess it here, then I will look back one day and wonder why he didn't look like he grew in that month span!

Archer is a big boy and is hovering in the 50th percentile range. I know that is not big for most kids, but he is bigger than Keating was, so he is my little chubby baby. Archer is eating some solid foods and a bottle at most meals. This kid can pack away some food, a whole banana and 8 oz of formula is a lot for a baby his age! I am going to begin making homemade baby food again, because I like to know what he is really eating and it is much more economical. So far he is a big fan of bananas, apple sauce, squash and the strawberry banana mix... so pretty much every food he's tried. Little porker.

Keating loves his brother and is really so sweet to him. I love seeing them interact. Archer thinks Keating is the greatest and watches him constantly. If Archer is crying in his room, I will hear K over the monitor go in and tell him "It's okay, mama's coming Archer" (Which sounds more like "arthur" in his 2.5 year old speech. They melt my heart.
We tried to squeeze in a little photo shoot the same day that I took the monthly photos and actually got a few cute ones. I know my mom and MawMaw will want to see! =)

His last monthly update I mentioned the flat spot on his head and I am thankful to say that it has greatly improved since we stopped swaddling him. When he was swaddled he would only lay a certain way, but as soon as he learned to roll over we had to set his little arms free. We switched to putting him in the sleepsack and he loves it. We hope it continues to improve.

Happy Five months Archer! Hopefully your mom can do better about your 6 month photos!


  1. Bahaha! This cracked me up! I have been so bad about monthly pics with my poor 3rd child.

    Archer is a cute 5 month old! :)

  2. I am putting in my order now! 8x10 of the black and white for my powder room!!!! Pronto!

  3. The one with both of them on the quilt!


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