Fall Fun

Fall is the perfect time of year to get out and do things. We have been meaning to take Keating to the zoo for a while now, but we kept pushing it off. Friday was the perfect time to go. We got in early before all of the field trips arrived and didn't have to deal with many crowds. His very favorite exhibits were the elephants but he really loved these bronze animals throughout the park. Who needs to see a real giraffe when you can sit on a bronze one??

This guy cracked us up. As we were all standing on the other side of the fence, he sat down on the big rock and snacked on lettuce while watching us. Apparently we were as entertaining to him as he was to us. It's a little creepy to me how human-like he was in the way he was sitting and watching... reminded me of that Mark Wahlberg movie with the monkeys. Weird.

The cheese face was out in full force, he was too busy looking at things to smile.

Other little boys were not as thrilled with the zoo...

We were glad that Brad was able to come and spend a day with the family. He has been all work and little play lately.

We also spent an afternoon at the fair. Archer was quite the fan because there was so much to look at, and boy was there a lot to look at! The people-watching at the fair was intense this year, the state fair has a way of bringing people out of the woodworks. I guess fried kool-aid and turkey legs will do that to people. Apparently my mom told Keating that we were "going to the fair to see rednecks." He was really disappointed as we were leaving and said "Mama, I can't see any rednecks anywhere!" He didn't quite understand. Shonnie teaches him interesting things.

There aren't that many great rides for kids his age, but he did enjoy riding the silver motorcycle over and over again.

He ended up very disappointed on the dragon ride because it did not go up and down. He yelled to us every time he went around, that the dragon was broken and he needed pliers to fix it! Such a character

We also began shaping him to be a young conservative. Can never start too young!
 We also hit up a random fall festival with our friends the Bonners. Keating and Brett had fun watching bands play and practicing their football skills. It was a busy weekend but we enjoyed the family time we had together.


  1. Looks like a super fun weekend. YOur hansome boys are growing up

  2. oh my goodness your boys look so so big!!!

  3. i don't know how you do it, but those boys just keep getting cuter!!


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