It is too soon to be thinking about Christmas

It is only October, and already stores are lining up with Christmas gear. Part of it gets me really excited because who doesn't LOVE Christmas?? But, the other side of me wants to competely enjoy every day of fall! I love sitting on the porch with a glass of wine and soaking up an Autumn afternoon, when in the back of my mind I am thinking about Christmas stockings and decorations. I know this is my own fault because I search things like "Christmas Decorations" on pinterest and bring the pre-season to-do list to the front of my mind. It is only 82 days away people! I'm always thinking, it never stops...

Need Christmas stocking for Archer
Decorations for mantle
Elf on the Shelf
How will I wrap gifts?
What gifts to give everyone
More ornaments for the tree... it was a little bare last year
Convince Brad to get a real tree
I want to find a pretty manger
We need the Night Before Christmas book
What will the boys wear to Christmas Eve church service?
Will we have time to throw a party?
I want our front porch to look that pretty white Pottery Barn house
Any fun new traditions we can start?
What can I make to give to friends?
The list is never ending and I can't make it stop!!!
I try not to wish away today, but I can't help wanting to be ready for the most wonderful time of the year. Am I the only one suffering from Pre-season Christmas anxiety? Please tell me I'm not alone! I am also having trouble trying to figure out what to get a two year old that already has entirely too many toys. Any ideas? Also can anyone recommend any good Christmas books? We have all of the usual ones, but I want to add a few more to our collection.
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  1. I am in full Christmas planning mode!! I am still completely enjoying fall though. I have fall decorations all over the place, I'm warming all falls scents in my Scentsy warmers, etc, etc.. but I am totally making Christmas plans and shopping for gifts! The earlier I start, the better. Don't be anxious about it!! I'm really spending a lot of time thinking about traditions that I want to start this year. I'm so excited! :)

  2. E's birthday is in January, so right after toy overload from Christmas. Last year, we asked grandparents to chip in on swim lessons for her at a local indoor kids pool/activity center. It was great! I am a big fan of gifting experiences rather than tons of toys.

  3. Yes ma'am im totally into fall right now escpecially since its our first one down south and Im loving how warm it is compared to up north......This time of year we almost dread pumpkin patch visits when its super cold.......but I do also have christmas in the back of my mind .......and its slowly taking over...hehehehe

  4. Hi! New follower here! I agree I love christmas too., but always want to savor each moment of the holidays!

  5. Erica I wore boots to the pumpkin patch last year and nearly roasted! It ended up being 85 degrees! That's a little warm for fall! But most days the weather is perfect this time of year!

    1. yay! Im hoping this weather holds out because we have family visiting from Puerto Rico this week and we really wanna take them to see pumpkins (since they dont really grow there ..LOL)

  6. Girl, it's never too early for Christmas! My most favorite time of the year! :)


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