Big 3-0

Last Friday was Brad's 30th birthday. I love the fact that he will forever be older than me and hit these birthday milestones before I do! He has also beat me to the grey hair, with a little salt and pepper starting to mix in. Shhh! Dont tell him I told you! He's really sensitive about it! I for one, really like it.
We celebrated a night out together and enjoyed a nice dinner without the kids. It was lovely that I wasn't feeding anyone making train sounds or telling Keating for the 100th time that we don't eat our dinner like a dog. As much joy as our kids bring to our lives, we did enjoy some alone time. I think every couple needs that.
Anyways, back to being 30... Tonight we are celebrating with a patio party at a local restaurant with all of our friends and family. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Day 5 of 31 day series

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