Weekend Recap

Friday night we had Brad's 30th birthday party and we could not have had more perfect weather. Naturally I only have one photo from the entire night and it doesn't even include the birthday boy. Oops.
Our house has been getting in the Halloween spirit and it has been invaded by ghosts. Keating is kind of like an ostrich... He thinks he can't be seen if his head is covered up. Silly kid. 
 We also went to see the billy goats by my parents house
 and took 6 month baby photos. 6 MONTHS! I just can't even believe it.
 We ventured out to Kohl's early Saturday morning to take advantage of their sale. All of Keating's pants are way too short and most of the 2T's in the store are on the verge of being too short. We had to go up a size so that they're long enough. Good thing toddler pants have adjustable waist bands!
We "napped" in the yard, enjoying the perfect fall weather.
And just when you think Shark Week is over, they come out of nowhere and viscously attack your beautiful mums.
Besides the above, we watched The Braves game (ouch), The Georgia game (double ouch), and finally our Falcons pulled it off... which we didn't get to see. Sometimes the whole "no cable" thing can throw a wrench in live sports.
Did anyone watch the new show Nashville? So far we are fans. We are also liking The Office again. I think they are doing better without Michael, instead of trying to replace him with someone else. Last season was just awkward.
I hope everyone else had a great weekend. 


  1. My thoughts are with you during this difficult time in the loss of your mums. I suppose you can find solace in the fact that sharks can't breathe potting soil.

  2. Thanks Erin! That does make me feel a bit better! haha

  3. hahaha, my little sister totally did the same thing when she was a kid...we'd play hide and seek, and she'd sit in the middle of the floor with her hands over her eyes, totally "hidden"!


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