Crockpot White Chicken Cream Cheese Chili

This recipe is so easy and it is amazing... You can make it on the stove if you would rather, but given the choice, I am going with the crockpot! I combined a recipe my sister in law gave me with an inspiration from a local restaurant and this is the result. Enjoy!
1 pack of chicken breasts (mine had 5, you can use less but you may want to adjust the amount of beans if you do)
1 pack McCormick's white chicken chili seasoning
1 bag of "Seasoning Blends" (chopped onion, bell pepper and red pepper from the frozen aisle)
3-4 cans of white beans (whichever you prefer)
1 block of cream cheese
- Combine chicken breasts, seasoning, seasoning blends, and beans (I do two drained cans and two full cans so that there is a little liquid) Cook on high for approx. 4 hours to cook chicken or about 8 hours on low.
-When chicken is cooked through, shred it and put it back in.
-Cut the block of cream cheese into pieces and add to the crockpot. Stir until melted.
-Garnish with your favorite chili toppings.


  1. OMG ...Im drooling now! I make a really good white wine chicken chili with that same mcCormick seasoning.....but you know cream cheese makes everything 10 times better so i might have to add some in now!

  2. get ready--you are about to be pinned :) looks delish!!


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