Sometimes life is crazy

Let me preface this by saying that I do love my dog... BUT when is he going to calm down??? He wears me out.

This morning while getting breakfast made I heard a loud BANG in the backyard. When I looked out the kitchen window, this is what I saw. In case you are wondering, that is our heavy 8 person patio table and its glass top flipped out into the yard. No, we didn't have a windstorm or anything reasonable like that... the dog did it. He is lucky that he didn't crash through the glass top. Bad thing is, I wasn't even surprised

Every afternoon after work, we take a walk down to our pond where I can let Ike and Keating run until they're exhausted. They think it is great, but they have no idea that I am not all fun and games... this is a tactic I use to wear them out so that they will sleep! Keating will run pushing his dump truck the entire time. Yesterday he complained that his little legs hurt from pushing his truck... I'm sure they did, it seemed like a great work out! Maybe his mom should try it.

Y'all may think I'm cruel, but if not I will make 100 trips into Keating's room as he yells for water, toys, snacks or bathroom breaks and Ike will kindly wake me up at 3am to want to play. On nights when Brad is working its all I can do to get a little rest. I really dont know how single moms do it. My hat goes off to you ladies.

I am not intending to complain, but this new season of our lives has taken quite a bit of adjusting. The house is a wreck, I need to vacuum and the laundry never ceases. I am only managing to cook 2 days a week and the other days we eat leftovers. To the moms that can do it all... please send over some pointers!!! Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning. There are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. The hours of 6-10pm are filled with: play, bath, dinner, dishes, story, bedtime, laundry, shower and photo editing. Anyone have any time saving tips? I'm all ears!


  1. No advice, just letting you know that I feel your pain. And unfortunately, it will not end anytime soon. Once they start school, you add in homework and extracurricular activities. Maybe we can rest when they are 16 and can drive themselves around. However, I think the worrying will keep me up then!
    I though our Boxer was trouble, looks like Ike has him beat by a long shot!

  2. yea, i'm a stay at home mom and I feel the same way! not to mention once you get it all done. . .it's time to start all over again! All I can offer is encouragement! You are not alone, sometimes it's okay to let things go, and chicken nuggets & hot dogs never hurt anybody (I mean we are still here, right?)!! :) hang in there girl-everyone keeps telling me it gets easier, and by the time it gets easier I'm afraid I'll have wasted this time wishing for it to get easier. . .

  3. Ugh we are having one of those days here with our dog too. Pets are such a joy most of the time but sometimes our dog makes me just want to sit down and cry with his antics lol. Hope that you start feeling a little more in control soon :)


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