Harry Potter Halloween

Happy belated Halloween! I can not believe it is already November 1st! As our first year of having two kids on Halloween, I wanted them to wear coordinating costumes. My original game plan was to dress Keating as a baseball player, and have Archer be the baseball. I had already bought all of the stuff to make the costumes, and out of no where Keating insisted that he must be a dragon. I wasn't even aware that he knew what a dragon was, and I'm still not sure where he got that from...

Thankfully, Old Navy saved the day with a premade fleece costume for Keating, so that left me to make Archer's costume. The only thing I could think of for a coordinating costume with a dragon was a Knight or Harry Potter. Since we are big Harry Potter fans, that idea won out. Archer's costume came from separates from Wal-Mart, and I confess that he is wearing girl's leggings. I couldn't find boy's black pants anywhere. Sorry Archer! Then I knitted up a quick scarf. How cute are baby scarves?! I know this is probably a huge choking hazzard, but I kept a good eye on him.

Keating was not a huge fan of trick or treating. He went door-to-door, but when people tried to give him candy, he told them he "already had enough". What a weird-o! I told him he needed to trick or treat for his mama. Trick or treating was very short lived, and instead he wanted to ride around on the golf cart with his Gpaw because his feet hurt. I told him back in my day, we used to walk MILES trick or treating and one year I even trick or treated in the snow! He was not impressed.

Overall it was a great night. I do have better photos than my iphone pic, but my camera card is overloaded. Apparently it will only hold 900 photos, who knew? Maybe I will get them uploaded eventually. I hope everyone had a great Halloween! Now I can officially start working on things for Christmas! JOY!


  1. Had enough candy? What?? You might have a future dentist on your hands. Adorable costumes!

  2. Love it ! Still so cute!........Well my 2 definitely foiled my plans of matching outfits....I thought of dressing them as garden gnomes......but Sofia wanted rapunzel which then turned into a witch.......and my son insisted on a ninja turtle :( but they still looked adorable!

  3. Ha one of my favorite things about kids is when they say things like that, just out of the blue. So entertaining! And I love your little harry potter! so cute :)

  4. How cute are they?!! So funny that Keating actually said he had enough candy!! Of course, it is the same little boy who likes his veggies! Can't believe how big your boys are getting - where does the time go? Love to you all.

  5. Made your white chicken chili for Halloween night ... YUM YUM -- we all loved it and had leftovers tonight. Thanks for sharing !!

  6. i don't think i've ever said i "have enough candy already".


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