Various Updates

I realized I haven't updated on things in a while. We have been so busy, yet nothing very post worthy... if that makes sense? Keating is potty trained. It took about 5 days for everything to sink in but he has it now. He will go all by himself and has become quite efficient. He's been sleeping in our long lost cloth diapers until I'm 100% sure that he wont wet the bed, but even that is looking promising as he woke up at 5am yesterday and knew he needed to get up and go. Being potty trained is awesome!

Archer is 4 months old. Where has time gone? He can now roll over, so we have had to ditch the swaddle. This makes me a little sad because I love seeing him all wrapped up like a little pea pod! One of the benefits of no longer swaddling is that I have noticed the flat spot on his head is getting better. Hopefully this will help to correct the problem. We will find out this month if physical therapy will be our next step. He has also had a few tries with eating cereal from a spoon. He is unsure about what to do with it, but he is still starving after an 8oz bottle so I had to do something. Growing boy! He is the happiest baby I have ever seen. It is quite refreshing! I'd have 10 more just like him... but no time soon!!!!!!If you follow me on instagram you may have seen the silver charms that I made. I had been eyeing some on Etsy, and then I realized that a few years ago I had ordered some Precious Metal Clay that I never used. I decided to try it out and it was so easy! They arent perfect but I love them and I think they're special. Now I'm thinking of what else I can make!
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I am still washing my face with olive oil. I know it sounds weird, but it is great. My skin looks a lot more even now and my breakouts aren't as bad. The only down side is that I kind of smell like a salad while washing my face. Oh well! I recommend trying it. As for giving up shampoo, that lasted 3 days. I couldn't do it. I think I may switch to a more natural shampoo as an alternative.
I really have nothing else to update on. Next week we are taking our first 8 hour road trip with 2 kids, should be good times, could be a nightmare... only time will tell!


  1. He is so cute and precious! TIme just flys when they are little

  2. Great necklace!! I am following you on instragram now too! I hope your long road trip goes good next week. Let's hope for lots of sleeping of the kiddos!!

    Archer is seriously the cutest!!

    Oh, and I know you changed your blog title a little while ago, but everytime I come by I still find it so refreshing and love the story behind it :)

  3. love love love those necklaces!! and archer is killing me with that smile..i can't deal with the cute!

    go keating with the potty!

  4. Your little boys are so cute! I love your blog, I stumbled onto it from another blog and I just adore it. My husband and I just had our first baby at the end of May and I just started blogging. Feel free to check it out if you want:


    It's very unprofessional and amateurish though!

    Anyways I had a question for you, my little guy will be 3 months in less than a week and he eats so much! He is still eating every 2 1/2 to 3 hours during the day. He does a long stretch at night, from about 9 pm to between 4 and 6 am so I know he needs to eat more during the day to make up for that. I know you said your little Archer was still starving after an 8 oz bottle. Before you started the cereal, how many bottles was he taking a day? How often and how many oz? I want the next month to go by so I can start him on some cereal or something! i just feel bad, I don't want him to be hungry!

    Thanks for your help, love your blog! :)


    P.S. My husband and I both graduated from UGA and are huge bulldawg fans too, only now we live in Florida and have to see obnoxious gator fans everywhere, boo! Only 8 days til football season!!

  5. What a handsome boy!!!

  6. Jordan, to answer your question I didnt switch him to cereal right away. I cut out a 3 hour feeding and began feeding him every 4 hours at 8-12-4-8. This made him eat more at those feedings instead of all of the little feedings. The first day or two is tough but it became very beneficial when he started napping longer in the afternoon because we didnt have to get him up to eat. Hope this helps!!

  7. Your boys are so cute! I remember you saying you used Moms on Call. I did with my little girl and LOVE them so much. I swear it just makes for happier babies. :)


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