How is it September Already?

I am finally back for a Labor day recap. Better late than never right? We had originally planned to leave last friday morning to visit all of my family in Louisiana. Well, in case you didn't hear... there was a little storm in the gulf called Hurrican Isaac and Isaac successfully ruined our travel plans. Much of the state was flooded and a lot of people did not have power. My Aunt's house, where we were to stay, was already housing other family members that had been temporarily misplaced. The actual storm had passed Louisiana by Friday morning, but we would have been driving through horrible weather in Mississippi to get there. As sad as we were to make the call, we thought it wasn't safe to take our family through that mess if we didn't have to. We were really disappointed because we had been looking forward to the trip for a long time.

Instead we decided to make a last minute trip to Chattanooga. It is a short drive for us and it had been a long time since we had been there. We wanted to take Keating to see Ruby Falls and Rock City, we thought he would really enjoy them, but we were wrong. Just a little FYI, but neither of these places is stroller friendly and that is a HUGE pain when you have two kids!

Just to paint a picture, at Ruby Falls you are herded like cattle into an elevator and sent to the bottom of a mine shaft. A tour guide leads you down the long narrow path through the caverns and low rocky ceilings, until arriving at a huge room with a massive waterfall. As soon as the elevator doors opened to the dark and damp cave, Keating froze up. He was scared but wanted to be brave, so he refused to walk, and insisted that Brad carry him. We were off to a great start. Naturally I forgot to pack the baby bjorn, so my biceps, or lack there of got a huge work out holding Archer. Funny enough, Keating could care less about the waterfall, but Archer was very interested. Thankfully when we were done with the tour, there was a Krispy Kreme bus in the parking lot handing out free donuts. It made our mile long child lugging walk a little more worthwhile!

We spent the rest of the afternoon catching the end of the UGA game, and touring downtown Chattanooga. Keating's favorite attraction was the Chattanooga Choo Choo. I think we spent 2 hours there, he looked at everything and asked a million questions. We looked very out of place with a whole family sporting red and black in a sea of ugly UT orange!
Archer waited patiently in the stroller and enjoyed life, as usual. He was also sporting his gameday gear. Look at that happy face.

Please no more photos mom. He's such a funny kid, he cracks us up.
We decided to skip Rock City this trip, because we were tired of carrying kids! We plan to take them back one day when they are a bit older. The rest of the day we piddled around by the river and explored. Chattanooga is a great little town, we highly recommend it. I wish we could have stayed longer, but I did not realize how hard it is traveling with two kids. I think it will definitely be a while before we do that again!
The rest of the weekend was spent grilling out, playing corn hole, and being lazy. It was much needed. I hope everyone else had a great weekend. Thankful that this is such a short week and tomorrow is Friday!


  1. Oh dear, I sincerely hope that Krispy Kreme bus is not there every time or the next time we visit that area (we're planning to go this fall) I may not bring my hubby home with me. He LOVES their donuts.

  2. i can't even deal with archer's adorable face in that UGA onesie!! and definitely take the kids in a few years when they're older...i can remember LOVING it in chattanooga when i was in elementary school!


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